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Written by Rob Butler   
Tuesday, September 20 2016

Please be very alert to anyone in the neighborhood who may be misrepresenting themselves as law enforcement.  If you have any doubt that someone who appears to be misrepresenting themselves as law enforcement, please immediately contact Fairfax County Police Department by either dialing 911 if you feel threatened or by calling the non-emergency dispatcher at 703-691-2131.

On the evening of Wednesday, Sept 14th, a community member reported that at around midnight two individuals arrived on Blue Bird Woods Court in a dark colored, late-model sedan with some type of security light on the top of the vehicle.  The individuals, a man and a woman were wearing uniforms that appeared to be law enforcement, but were not.  They spoke with a homeowner in his vehicle and then knocked on the door of another homeowner.  They then departed the neighborhood.  Later the next day, one of the two homeowners called Fairfax County Police and found that no officers had made calls in the neighborhood that evening.

 Again, if you are ever unsure if an individual knocking on your door at night is a police officer, you do not have to immediately open the door.  You can call 911 and ask them to tell you if the person at your door is a Fairfax County Police Officer or Sheriff's Deputy.

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Aug 9th Trash Pickup PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rob Butler   
Tuesday, August 09 2016

 We're aware that trash pickup for August 9th hasn't yet occurred.  We've contacted Nightingale Trucking for a status update and hope to have information to share shortly.  Thank you for your patience.


Coyotes Living Near Mt Air PDF Print E-mail
Written by Webmaster   
Sunday, January 15 2012

(Thanks to Cindy Smith of the Newington Civic Association for providing this information)

There is at least one family of coyotes living in the wooded area behind Levelle Dupell Park off Newington Road.  A coyote was observed recently on Franklin Road.  We should expect that these animals may occasionally come into the Mount Air community.

Do not feed the coyotes because they will lose their fear of humans.  The coyotes provide rodent control and provide "clean up" services of dead animals.  In general, coyotes provide benefits, but we need to be mindful of their presence.  Pets and children should be supervised when outdoors. 

Last Updated on Sunday, January 15 2012
Community Email Newsletter PDF Print E-mail
Written by webmaster   
Monday, February 06 2012

Would you like an easier way to receive updates about your community? We now have a new mailing list available for all residents who would like to receive important community updates via e-mail. Enter your information below and you will be subscribed to the email newsletter list. Newsletters, community alerts and important news will all be posted both to the website and to the mailing list.

Last Updated on Saturday, February 11 2012
Fairfax County Parking Regulations Changes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Webmaster   
Tuesday, February 15 2011

We recently became of changes to the Fairfax County Parking Regulations which directly affect parking within Mount Air along Mount Air Drive.  These changes became effective February 1, 2010. Vehicles parked in violation are subject to a $100 fine for each violation and may be towed at the owner’s expense.  The new rules: 

Last Updated on Tuesday, February 15 2011