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Tuesday, February 15 2011

We recently became of changes to the Fairfax County Parking Regulations which directly affect parking within Mount Air along Mount Air Drive.  These changes became effective February 1, 2010. Vehicles parked in violation are subject to a $100 fine for each violation and may be towed at the owner’s expense.  The new rules: 

  • Provides an allowance for taxicabs and limousines with the following condition: One resident of each single family dwelling unit may park one vehicle licensed and registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a taxicab or limousine.
  • Expands definition of commercial vehicle restricted from parking in a residential area to include:
    • Any vehicle licensed as a common or contract carrier or limousine (except as above)
    • Vehicles that exceed size and weight limits: more than 21 feet long, more than 8 feet high including appurtenances, width of 102 inches or more, or gross vehicle weight of 12,000 or more pounds.

Vehicles exempted from these size and weight limits are: commercial vehicles used by public service company, watercraft or motor home, school buses, vehicles driven by or used for transporting persons with disabilities, vehicles for cable television service, moving vehicles for 48 hours, vehicles for propane gas service. These "exempted" vehicles can park in a residential area unless restricted elsewhere in the Code, e.g., boats and motor homes are not allowed to park in areas that are Community Parking Districts (Mount Air is located within the Lee District Community Parking District).

Also prohibited: 

  • Vehicle carrying commercial freight in plain view
  • Trailer or semitrailer except camper, boat or single axle utility
  • Any vehicle with 3 or more axles

Clarification of parking restrictions on service drives: Where a service road is adjacent to a residentially zoned area, parking restrictions apply to the side of the service road that is adjacent to the residential area except as otherwise provided in section 82-5-37(5). This allows prohibiting commercial parking on that side of the street which is zoned for a use other than residential to further the residential character of the abutting community.

The restrictions do not apply to commercial vehicles when temporarily parked while performing work or service.

Additional provisions are given in the code (link here).

On December 7, 2010, the Board of Supervisors has amended the code to refine the definition of restricted trailers to include a definition for utility trailer:

"Utility trailer" means:  A small non-motorized trailer which is generally pulled by a motorized vehicle and features an open-top rear cargo area.

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